West Hempstead Storm Drain Project

Hello and welcome to the Storm Drain Project web site.

     Did you know that most storm drains empty directly into our streams, lakes and bays? Trash and chemicals dumped into storm drains destroy our environment.


Who has removed 305 tons of trash from our local waterway: (a) New York State (b) Nassau County (c) the Town of Hempstead (d) volunteers? If you picked (d) you are correct. Operation Splash is a volunteer organization dedicated to keeping our waterways clean. Learn more about SPLASH at http://operationsplash.net/.

          How can we keep our waterways clean? One way is to prevent trash from entering storm drains. The Town of Hempstead has joined forces with SPLASH to affix “no dumping” medallions on storm drains throughout the township. You can learn more about this program by visiting the Town of Hempstead link at http://www.toh.li/storm-water-management

          My name is Steven and I have taken on the challenge of placing markers throughout West Hempstead as my Eagle Scout project. I need your help.  What do you have to do? Nothing too difficult; it's easy. First, clean a small area around the storm drain to remove any rocks, pebbles, rust or debris that would prevent the medallion from sticking to the curb or storm drain. Next, apply adhesive to the back of the medallion and place it on the ground.  That's it. If you are adventuresome you can remove any trash that you find around the drain.

Once or twice this fall and again in the spring I will be coordinating "Storm Drain Project" events. At the events you will be handed everything you need; maps, medallions, adhesive, brushes, gloves, trash bags, etc.  Please volunteer.

To volunteer send an email to stormdrainproject@hotmail.com. I will contact you with the date and location of “SDP” events.  Please visit this web site for up to date information about the project. Thank you.


Operation SPLASH Documentary

Premier of the documentary-short, “Standing Against the World:The Operation SPLASH Story”

When: 7pm Saturday October 27, 2012. Where: Nautical Mile, SPLASH Freeport Museum, 202 Woodcleft Ave, Freeport 

Click the link to view "Standing Against the World: The Operation SPLASH Story"


Learn more about Operation SPLASH

Please use links below to learn more about Operation SPLASH. Thanks

Stormwater Runoff:  http://youtu.be/2xVvElY0hMU

Meet Operation SPLASH: http://youtu.be/gHhfuoSQk6w

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